One Day At Susimaa

Season: May/June – March/April
Duration: about 5-6 hours

  • Spend a day at Susimaa with Taivas and the Wolves
  • Hear about wolfdogs, their behavior and the main differences to domestic dogs
  • Befriend yourself with these intelligent and stunning animals throughout an adventurous day together!
  • After the first get-together, depending on season, weather and your physical abilities, you go on one of the various tours together with the wolfdogs. The tours offered are:
    • wolf hiking in the swamp (Summer/Autumn)
    • with the snowshoes through the woods or (Winter)
    • a wolfish sled ride (Winter)
  • After the tour impressions, adventure will be reflected with food, coffee and happy, sleepy wolfdogs at the campfire

Wolf Hiking / Snowshoe Hiking In The Woods And Swamps – No Tourism! Only for Individualists

Hiking is on of the best ways to get these beauties to know and to be in the middle of untouched nature. We walk mainly cross country through swamp land, we jump over ditches – so be prepared to get wet feet. The wild doesn’t need paths…

Max. group size: 4 persons
Price: euro 150,- / 185,- (Summer / Fall-Winter)

Wolfish Sledride – No Tourism! Only for Individualists

Join us on a wolfish sled ride in the swamps. Just a small group of people, who are capable of handling big dogs and who have the willingness, patience and strength to work together with the dogs, no noisy motor sled, just the wolf sleds and the beautiful silence of nature. Unlike the sled tours you can make someplace else, we drive at Susimaa also with a dog sled and you will take care of team yourself. You will get all necessary instructions to get your team ready for the sled, put them into harnesses, bring them to sled, put them on the lines and all necessary driving instructions!

You will see the whole beauty of the process from the beginning, to the ride through the beautiful nature and finally thanking our dogs after coming home to the base again.

An adventure that you won’t forget!

Max. group size: 2 persons
Price: euro 185,-


! NOTE !

This is a lifetime experience.

Only nature people – NO kids! You MUST have the ability to handle big dogs & go outdoors!

You will be equipped with all dog necessary equipment – you have to bring your own clothing/hiking equipment – be prepared for the wilderness and temperatures!

Language used during all tours is English or German!