SUSIMAA – the Farm: Susimaa is a beautiful piece of land owned by Sarah & Harald, wolfdogs and cat. It sits in the middle of the woods, with no neighbors, but forest dwellers and lots of trees.

It consists of three parts: the huge field, where everything grows wildly and free, the house with a couple of outhouses plus dog enclosures, where the dogs run wild and free, and the woods, the beautiful woods, where trees whisper their ancient stories. The huge field: strawberries, vegetables and everything else that wants to grow towards the sun. The house: is an old, beautiful wooden house, which never was connected to the electricity grid, solely heated with wood and powered by solar energy. The fences are separated into different areas. The beautiful woods: speak for themselves. You have to listen carefully what they’ll tell you!
Come and discover for yourself, new projects, upgrades and changes are always around the corner.

About us: We are two, Sarah & Harald + baby in the belly. We were raised conventionally and come from the city and modern lives with former 24/7 jobs, originally from Austria. From one day to another we moved to Finland, where we’ve build our roots over the years. Finland is our home. We live a simple life with nature, without electricity, in a cottage in the woods. We grow our own food, bake our own bread, make our own jam and juices.  Our work is our life here on our farm, 24/7 done by only the two of us, there are no employees and there won’t be. 


Our concept of living: Our life is with nature. We came here to be with nature and animals. We are here to learn from nature, to change when change is needed, like the seasons change, to be with animals, learn from their social interaction with each other, we are here to use natures gifts to us – to gather the herbals on our land and use them for medicine and food. To grow our own food. We do not need to convince anyone about our way of life. We know this is the right way to live life. Respectful, silent and working for survival, independent from outer sources. We do not waste our breath, our human energy, communicating with people, that manipulate us, and think they can tell us what we need, what we lack, what we do wrong. Our life is right, our life is honest, nothing needs to be added. We have everything we need in front of our eyes. We do not need anything else. We are where we are supposed to be. The circle closes. No one is better than the other, bank account, life insurance doesn’t give anyone more security than we have here, in the heart of the woods. We are all the same, the difference is only that people have separated from nature, while we are here to be part of nature, to honor and remember the ancient way of life, traditions, the root of everything.We do not need shoulds and must. We do not need, and we do not must anything but LIVE and trust in the circle of life, in the gift that nature, that God give us and that we honor here on our land every day, every second. We have the courage to follow our hearts and this is how we live our lives. It is the only way of living. It is the right path. We are here to share with the ones, who have an open heart, the will to change, the will to be part of nature again.To change when change is needed, to be part of something so much bigger. The invisible threads that make this life worth living. Knowing there is so much more to life than what we think. Our life is with nature.

Our philosophy of living with dogs: Our animals are our companions, we share life, we share everything that goes beyond, we communicate with them on a level that most will never even nowhere near enough understand, it comes natural it is natural and it goes beyond word. The most important always goes without words. Our animals follow us, they trust us like we trust them, we do not need to train them to behave, to be obedient, to follow dumb rules. They are allowed to live how God intended them to live. Natural! They follow us without that we ever told them to follow us, they trust us without us ever telling them to trust us, they obey when it is right to obey, they respect us like we respect them. We learn from them! It’s not the other way round. They are our greatest teacher. 


Our dogs: Our dogs are our No. 1 priority.  Every day is suited to them. We live and act as closely with them as humans can live with animals. We are part of their groups, of their dynamics, of their plays, of their moods and interaction. We keep the number of our animals as small as that we can have strong individual relationships to them and to make sure that we can give them as much land as possible. A big part of our land is fenced for them already and we are building new fences every summer. For us there is nothing more beautiful than seeing them running and playing – with every more piece of land that we give to them the joy grows. Most of our dogs have wolf inside, besides husky, malamute and shepherd. They come from the wild, from the city, and from former homes to us. Last winter our first Susimaa pup was born. Our dogs are working dogs. Some pull a sled, some watch the land, some protect.