About our prices. You can survive with your business in two ways. Selling your self out to the masses with a cheap price or offering something exclusive and unique, which results in higher prices. The first way is not ours and even with higher prices, we are NOT the ones to get rich. Everything goes in new bigger enclosures and in high quality food for our wolfdogs and by the we don’t mean so called high quality dry food, BUT actual meat and bones!

We are also the only wolfdog farm in the North that is open to public and that has it’s reasons. You can’t just put wolf dogs in enclosures and think you can bring visitors to them and they accept it. They have actual wolf inside and are not only look-alikes and thus they act like wolves, some more some less, which means they don’t trust you, you are the intruder. So it is something special, that you can go visit them inside their enclosures with us and get to see them face-to-face, get in real touch with them.

All that is result of a great deal of work and building up a relationship so strong, that they not only trust us, but also that they trust us that much, that you can come inside with us and get in touch with them.

Trust comes not from alone and is result of time, work and respect and we have a huge responsibility towards our animals aswell as our visitors. We have to watch reactions and dynamics from both our animals and our visitors to be sure to have a safe and unforgettable experience.

While a visit you will be able to see, that what we offer is NOT business, it IS our life and you get to experience it in in small, individual groups. If you book with us, its ONLY you and nobody else in your own adventure, it’s YOUR time  only! All of this has its price – but we believe in being different and selling different and unique adventures, we believe in small scale eco-friendly tourism.