Terms & Conditions

Last update 13/04/2021

1. General terms
By participating in or booking Susimaa adventures you agree to the terms and conditions set out below. The prices and services offered by Susimaa are described in the specific adventure descriptions for each service separately. Language used during all our services is English or German.

2. Booking and confirmation
Once Susimaa has confirmed your booking the contract is made between Susimaa and you. On Internet bookings, you will receive a confirmation of your booking to your email. Al bookings are final – No refunds will be made. If you made a mistake in the booking progress, please contact us as soon as possible, but no less than 48 hours after the booking!

3. Cancellations

ALL BOOKINGS ARE FINAL – 100 % of the reservation held as a charge. In case of cancellation, you need to contact Susimaa as soon as possible via email. We will cancel your booking as we receive your request. Refunds in special cases will be handled within 10 banking days. Susimaa has the right to cancel the program if the minimum count of participants specified in excursion description is not reached. Susimaa has the right to cancel your booking, in the rare case of date failures in our booking system.
4. Payment

Bookings are only valid, if the full amount is transferred to our business account within one week or made via our booking system.
BANK: S-pankki
IBAN: FI 92 3939 0057 9330 79
The prices given by Susimaa include VAT according to the taxation laws of Finland. Susimaa reserves the right to change the prices if any extra costs occur.

5. Liability & Insurance
Susimaa exercises activities that can be located in remote areas and away from populated centers. It is highly recommended that you have personal travel insurance when joining our programs.During the adventures Susimaa follows appropriate health and safety regulations. During the adventures, we sometimes may use oil lamps or build an open fire. Susimaa cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damaged valuables caused by fire or any other hot objects or oil lamps. By taking part to our programs you understand these risks.
Susimaa CANNOT be held liable for injuries and material damages during the delivery of the service that are caused by ANY reason!
Susimaa CANNOT be held responsible for any accidental injuries or damages that are inhered under the customer’s travel insurance!
Susimaa CANNOT be held responsible for ANY bodily injuries and damaged property!

6. Safety
Susimaa reserves the right to change or re-schedule the planned program if necessary. Due to bad weather conditions, extreme cold or other safety reasons Susimaa has the right to cancel the program. In case of cancellation your reservation will be fully refunded within 10 banking days. Susimaa reserves the right to discontinue a program if any participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or other participants. Taking part of our programs under influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden. If a participant is in poor health or is physically incapable of joining the program, Susimaa may refuse participation in the program.

Please note:

7. Responsibility
Susimaa cannot be held responsible for any damage or disappearance of valuables during the programs. It is your responsibility to take good care of your belongings. As a participant in our programs you are responsible for the equipment we provide and lend to you. If any damage is done on purpose or by accident or any equipment disappear during the program, Susimaa reserves the right to charge the costs of caused damage from the participant.


8.1 CLOTHING: Be prepared for the wilderness and temperatures – warm clothing/enough thermal layers, good warm and waterproof boots!

We DO NOT provide any clothing. If you don’t want to get cold feet/hand…., wear proper clothing. We do not take legal responsibility, in case your clothing gets torn in any way or in case you don’t take proper care of your gloves/hats… and let them steal from the wolfdogs (who will eat them, so please take care that this does not happen!). Also, please make sure, that you do not have any kind of foods in your pockets!

8.2 ENTERING THE ENCLOSURES: We DO NOT enter the enclosures with children under 13 y. (or exceptional small children no matter if over 12 y. already), handicapped persons or elderly people. 

8.3 PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMINGFilming is forbidden under any circumstances. Taking pictures of our wolf dogs is only allowed inside their enclosures facing the woods, so that the privacy of our family and land is respected, and no buildings, human beings, personal details are on the picture.  No pictures in the yard. Taking pictures of our buildings/cars/our family/personal details on our land is strictly forbidden.

8.4 SMOKING on our land is strictly forbidden.

8.5 DO’s: Be respectful, silent and considerate. Listen and watch them interact with you. Always remember you are the guest, who enters their territory! 

8.6 DON’Ts: Do not throw snowballs at the wolfdogs. Do not provoke them in any way (i.e by making animal sounds). Do not try to play with them. Do not pick up their bones/toys/… Do not go to the enclosures without us. Do not try to pet them, if we tell you not to try. Do not stick your hands through the fences. Do not let your gloves be stolen away from you. Do not have foods in your pockets. Do not lie down. 

8.7. TRANSPORTATION: We DO NOT offer any kind of transportation – Meeting point is always, if not different mentioned, SUSIMAA – Eko- & Wolfdogfarm – Simonkankaantie 39, 97700 Ranua

9. Other

During Susimaa adventures your guide sometimes takes photos of the nature, group and activities. Susimaa reserves the right to use these photos in marketing and business purposes. The photos in which guest face is recognizable we always ask permission before using the photo in any business purposes.